their only crime was falling in love


Adriana · Mexico

Agnes · Hungary

Aur3lie · France

Chris · Canada
I've always enjoyed this. Costner did a good job as producer and actor. This is a great style film that should be appreciated more!

Decemberlady · USA · website
The saddest movie I've ever seen... the ending breaks your heart! One of Kevin Costner's best performances. I disliked Tibey Mendez from the first moment I saw him, but oh, how I hated him at the end. There's just no way that you can avoid crying!

Iga · Poland

Jackie · UK
This movie is outstanding. Kevin's acting is superb. All of his films are superb. As an actor and a human being, he is hard to beat. A true gentleman and dedicated to his work. I admire him immensely and I thank him for all he does. Long may he reign. I honestly wish him good health, luck, and above all, peace and happiness. Thank you Kevin for so much movie pleasure.

Linda · USA
I was sad about the ending in the movie Revenge. I enjoyed watching Kevin Costner in it. He is just a great actor.

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